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HipTutor's online tutoring space allows you and
the tutor of your choice to develop
a personalized curriculum

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Connect instantly through video, audio, text, and collaboration tools like a shared whiteboard and file sending.
Choose the perfect way to communicate each concept!

Simple and secure payments mean you never have to worry. Tutors and students can be confident in our escrow system that distributes funds only when both parties are in agreement.

Research, review, and communicate with any tutor or student in our community at any time. Find the perfect tutor for you and exceed your greatest learning goals!

Our active and engaged community brings dedicated tutors and students together. Community involvement helps everyone to hone their skills and understand each other's strengths.

We are currently preparing for a closed beta test in advance of the full launch. If you are interested in participating, please provide the contact information you'd like us to use and we'll notify you as soon as registration is open!